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REITERS DISEASE (It’s the shits!)
From Wikipedia, From the free encyclopedia, the USS Little Rock CLG 4 Epidemic (1963) In the notorious post-dysenteric cases of Reiters disease which occurred among the members of the crew of the USS Little Rock. The 'reactive arthritis' developed predominantly in individuals carrying the appropriate HLA antigens. An epidemic of Shigella gastroenteritis which affected about half the sailors out of a crew of 1,200 was followed by 9 cases of "Reiters disease".
It was a terrible three or four days aboard ship when the epidemic hit.
I was too miserable to go down to sick bay and wait in line for treatment and having the incident recorded on my service record. Straying too far from the head was my other main concern. The waiting lines were starting to form and my shipmates were hoarding toilet paper. We eventually ran out of the soft white paper towels and issued brown hand drying towels. Not finding a proper place to relieve himself a desperate crew member did his job in a sink designated for rinsing mops and emptying buckets. I also saw blood running down the leg of another stricken sailor. It was at least three days before I felt well enough to make it down to the mess hall for some nourishment.
I suspect having a latent case of "Reiters disease”. I can't prove it. The symptoms always clear up before I can go to the VA and have a doc check me over. The next time I react to food poisoning they told me to the visit emergency room. No thanks! In the first place, I'll stay away from open aired buffets featuring tacos and sour cream. A full body rash is not worth a couple of bucks of Government benefits!
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