Milwaukee isn't known for it's Bridges, Bandshells, the "Bruiser" roller skating girls nor the Bombshells Burlesque group or even the BrewCity Pro wrestlers - however it does seem that everything famous in Brew-town just happens to start with the letter "B". For instance : Bowling, Bingo, the Bucks, Bango the Brewers, Bernie, Bud, Mr. Baseballs Bob Uecker. and Ryan Braun. Activities not to forget: eating Brats and refreshing ones thirst from a Bubbler or shot a of Brandy chased with a Beer on Brady street. How about: Ballroom (Eagles), Bastille days, Boston store, Boulevards, Botanical gardens, Bradford Beach, Bradley Center and the Big Clock plus Betty Brinn & Billie the Brownie for the rug rats. Remembering: Bo Black and Bambi Bembenic . Basically it's not Boring to aBode here!

as of 11/18/2019

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