"Stay away from old women and don't drink cheap booze”
that sage advice was spoken to me over 40 years ago in a dingy bar located in downtown Milwaukee.

During the 1970s, on occasions after work, I would drive a couple miles across town and pass the window of my dads favorite respite. He worked a 24 hour a day seven days a week job as the custodian of St. James Court apartments.
Twice daily my Pa would a take a work break and walk a block down to Hunters Club a dingy hole in wall tavern located next to Bills Barber shop.
I would stop in if I saw my Pa sitting on his regular bar stool near the window. I would order the bartender, “ serve my Dad another beer and a shot of whisky to go with it”. In those days beer was cheap. Now-a-days a can of beer at the ballpark is over six bucks a can. I think my old man would have a hard time understanding today's inflated price of his favorite 15 cent glass of tap Pabst Blue Ribbon.


Pops hangout catered to an array of characters. Some of them were certainly unsavory. One such fellow offered me drugs in the men's restroom. On one occasion, a kindly elderly black man was roaming around. He appeared to be looking for someone to have a conversation with. I recollect that he was either a railroad or a Greyhound Bus employee. He had a very worn look with a white hair and beard. Just by his persona, I had a gut feeling he had plenty of life experiences and wanted to share. Something compelled me to ask him for his best advice on living life. "Stay away from old women and don't drink cheap booze," was in his reply. To this day, his words of wisdom still linger in my brain. As profound as that advice is, I have not followed it. I drink just about anything that has ice in it. I still don’t know what the criteria is for classifying a woman as old. I've seen some pretty hot babes my age or older. The only common fault of the older woman is that most of them like to travel and brag about their grandchildren. Traveling sucks, I have enough trouble sleeping and keeping my bodily functions working without going on the road and staying in a hotel. Personally, I think a man should also stay away from younger women. Their agenda of pinning a man down in a suburban home with a couple of rug rats surrounded by a white picket fence is not for any aged man like me. Been there done that!
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